Jason is a Singer/Actor/Worship Leader. He is an
Equity Membership Candidate with 34 points.
Jasonís credits include two national tours, over
300 performances as Sparky in "Forever Plaid" at
Chanhassen Dinner Theatre and Rocky Mountain
Reperatory Theatre, Versati in "The Underpants"and
Heck Tate in "To Kill A Mockingbird"at Salem
Reperatory Theatre, and originating the role of
Dorian Gray in Randy Bowser's "Dorian, The
Remarkable Mr. Gray."

His on-camera credits include a leading role in the
Christian feature movie, Squad 77, two Best Buy
commercials, and a featured extra on the TNT
series, Leverage.

He is also madly in love with his wife and 3

Perfidia (from Forever Plaid)
(a worship song)
Run Away With Me (The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brwon